What to Expect


Booking a Class

Every Monday at 11:00am (ADT) riders will be able to book their classes for the week and can continue to book up until 30 minutes prior to the start time of the class they want to ride (provided a bike is still available). To book a class, riders must have a Just Cycle account and one of our class packages purchased on file. When booking a class, riders are welcome to choose a bike in their preferred area in the room (so when it comes to booking a popular class time-slot, the sooner the better)!
Book a Class



If a class you were hoping to book is completely full, hop on the waitlist! To put yourself on the waitlist, riders must have an available credit or method of payment on file that can be used when they get into the class.

8+ Hours Before

Once you’ve been placed on a waitlist, you may be added to the class at any point as soon as a bike opens up. When you’re placed in the class, you will receive an email notifying you of the addition to your schedule. This change requires no confirmation on the riders’ end and will put the cancellation policy into effect which means that a minimum of 8 hours notice is needed to cancel a class to avoid a late-cancellation charge.

8 Hours Before

If you have entered the 8-hour window before the start of class and you are still on the waitlist, you can still be added to the class if a bike becomes available. During this window, no cancellations will be permitted once you have been added to class, however if you are still on the waitlist you may cancel at any time until you’ve been added to the class.

30 Minutes Before

Riders who are on the waitlist 30 minutes prior to the class start time will still be notified if a bike opens up so please be ready to ride! In order to get ahold of you sooner, we may give you a call to let you know a spot is available, but if we can’t reach you or if you can’t make it to class, you will not be charged. If a rider confirms their spot but doesn’t show up, they will be charged as a no-show.



Class Cancellations

Something came up? Please cancel your class a minimum of 8 hours before the class start time so that we’re able to refund your class credit. We understand that sometimes plans can change at the very last minute, but cancelling your ride within the 8-hour window is considered a late cancel and you will be charged according to our cancellation policy. If a rider holds a Just class pack, they will lose 1 ride. Those who hold an unlimited membership will automatically be charged a $15 late-cancellation fee or a $22.50 no show fee.

Package Cancellation

Purchased class packages expire 365 days after the date of purchase. Once a membership contract has reached the end of its term, riders must purchase a new package as memberships will no longer auto-renew without signing a new contract. Purchased classes cannot be transferred from one rider to another however, a rider can transfer an entire package to another one-time if needed.


First Steps


Please ensure that you arrive at least 15 minutes before class starts! We want to make sure we are able to show you the space, get you on the bike, and most importantly, get you properly set up without feeling rushed. The JUST team will show you how to set up your bike and will explain what to expect during the ride. Please note that if you do not arrive a minimum of 5 minutes before class starts, we cannot guarantee that you will be allowed in the class as priority is given to those who are waiting in the studio to ride an available bike. This policy is enforced only to ensure riders have the best and safest JUST experience possible.

Before You Arrive


All first-time riders are required to fill out a waiver when creating their account. All riders 16 years old and under require the consent of a parent/guardian and must have them sign on their behalf IN PERSON.


Make sure to fuel your body properly prior to class. This might be a small and light snack up to a half-hour beforehand, but will ensure you don’t feel light-headed while you ride.

Water, Water, Water

Please remember to drink a lot of water before, during, and after your ride. We encourage you to bring your own water bottle that can be re-filled at our water station, but water-bottles will be available for purchase upon check-in for those who forgot to bring one.